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Over the past few days I have been reviewing my web site and I think it is time for some change.  I have some alert visitors point out some of my videos had the wrong links and other links were not working well.  It has caused me to review the site in general and I have decided to make a few changes.  I am going to make it  more user friendly and give viewers the ability to interact.  I won’t go into much detail at this time other than to tell you to expect some changes.


Stars and Stripes Academy Pre-Registration is progressing well.  We have 49 registrants and on March 1st we will review the registrations and determine who will be offered the 28 on-field positions and who will be offered off-field positions.  I wish we could offer everyone an on-field position but to do that would mean officials would have to rotate in and out during a game and it is my belief that dilutes what we are trying to present.  You don’t rotate in and out during a real game, so why do it at this Academy?  Our schtick if you will, is offering a complete game-like training package and I feel it is better to maintain that concept with fewer on-field officials than to diminish the return by rotating.  That said, I assure you the off-field officials are getting a GREAT deal!  They pay one half the of the fee ($325) and they get every bit as much training as the on-field officials without being on the field.  What’s wrong with getting the training this year off-field and then next year getting selected to be on-field?


As things settle down with the Academy, I will be posting three new videos covering penalty enforcement.  For those of you who discovered the video for Fouls at or Before the Snap was incorrectly linked, that little problem should be fixed now.  I hope you find these beneficial and your feedback is always welcome at


And finally, I have created a new page called Bits and Pieces where I will post miscellaneous information that you may find helpful or insightful.  Most of this is information I have collected and passed on.  Some may be my own material, others may be from outside organizations you may be interested in viewing.  It may be low on information at first, but it will grow.

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