Fouls During Legal Forward Pass Plays

This morning I have posted a new training video.  It is under the penalty enforcement category and it is Fouls During a Legal Forward Pass Play.  It is a short 6 minutes and covers pass interference and roughing the passer.  Next week I will be posting Fouls During Free-Kick Plays.


Today is the last day to sign up for On-Field positions for the Stars and Stripes Academy.  We have some very good officials who have signed up and the decision as to who we put on the field is very difficult.  I have been on the telephone and exchanging emails with many officials around the country trying to get recommendations on guys who have applied.  This will be some tough decision making.  Again, I cannot stress enough the value in being an off-field official.  The training in that role will be just as intense and at the same time you will be acting as an alternate in the event an on-field official goes down or cannot attend.  So please, do not discount the off-field positions.  Announcements and emails will be sent out tomorrow, March 1st.

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