New Videos Posted; Full-time Refs

Yesterday I finished taping three new video posts for Penalty Enforcement.  They will be Fouls During Run Plays Followed by a Change of Team Possession; Fouls During Legal Forward Pass Plays; and, Fouls During Free-Kick Plays.  I have some post-production work to do and some slides to make but I think they should be uploaded by the weekend so please come back and check them out.


Stars and Stripes Academy will be announcing our on-field officials in less than two weeks.  I hope if you are not selected to work on-field you will take advantage of the great benefits of being an off-field official for half the price.  It’s a great deal considering the wealth of information you will receive.  By the way, the off-field officials will be alternates in case an on-field official goes down.


And finally, more news that the NFL wants to experiment with “Full-Time” officials.  I want to believe they are talking about it just to amuse the media.  Seriously, do really want to start a discussion with ANY NFL official I know about whether it is a full-time job or not?  You can’t be serious.  What more can they do if they were “full-time”?  How many more meetings can you go to, how much more film can you look at; how many more tests can you do in addition to what you already do.  By the way, when was the last time you saw an NFL game where they misapplied a rule?  It’s the judgment that people complain about.  The argument by the media and fan is the quality of calls will improve if you have full-time officials.  But what if it doesn’t improve?  Then what will they say?  I’m telling you, the speed of these players and the unfolding action is more than the lay mind can comprehend and process.  So are we to believe making officials full-time slows the action down or makes it easier for them to process the action?  Do you really want to shop down that isle?  Once again, the logic of the outsider looking in is just mind boggling.


Furthermore, with the addition of ultra high speed cameras for slow motion review and high definition monitors, the level of officiating has gone to the molecular level for which you will never have the human element match.  The officiating now is the best it has been and it is likely the best it will ever be.  Do you have that kind of scrutiny in your line of work!

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