Blocking Below the Waist Modification – NOT Needed

As things would turnout, I do NOT need to redo my Blocking Below the Waist Simplified video. A memo set out today by Rogers Redding, Rules Editor, makes the video I have posted correct. I want to think they changed the rule to match my video, but I'm 100% sure that's not the case.
So, one more time, I want to explain this. If a player originally lines up as a restricted player by position and then shifts into the Tackle Box and resets, he then becomes Unrestricted. If you have viewed my video, you understand what I mean when I say he now has the "Restricted" stamp wiped off his forehead. It's like he has started over and reset his original position. He can do everything he could have done if he had lined up in the Tackle Box as his original position.
Now, my personal editorial...... teams that block below the waist for their bread and butter will coach the rule correctly and typically not have a problem with the rule. The rest of the teams, they will not necessarily study the rule nor learn all the nuisances of it; rather, they will just coach their players to not block below the waist except for the unrestricted linemen at the snap, it's that confusing.
Good luck with the rule and I am sure I will be sending out more stuff about it soon.

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