ArbiterSports and CFO

I am very happy to announce MentorRef has formed a newly developed working relationship with ArbiterSports.  What that means is you can directly link from MentorRef to ArbiterSports.  Why is ArbiterSports important?  ArbiterSports is where you stay connected to College Football Officiating (CFO).    You can visit ArbiterSports at  When you sign-up for ArbiterSports, make sure to select "MentorRef" under the affiliation section, we always appreciate the referral. After you join and register with ArbiterSports, you will receive full access to their products.  Sometime in July after the welcome package is put together, you will receive, via FedEx ground, two new all black NCAA bean bags, the new 2012 CCA 7-Man Mechanics manual, the NCAA 2012 Instant Replay Manual, a spiral bound 2011-2012 Rule Book with an accompanying insert noting the rules modifications for 2012, three CFO patches for your uniform, and a passcode to access the Football Rule app for your Android or iPad.  The training videos released in 2012 on ArbiterSports will be viewable on your iPad.  You will also have access to Rules Editor Rogers Redding bi-weekly posts regarding the latest information in CFO.

Keep in mind; however, ArbiterSports is not a replacement for MentorRef.  My focus at MentorRef is to dig deeper into the material and present it in a manner you can easily digest.  We also want to expand on the material with tests, videos, explanations, dialogue, etc.  We will take the material from ArbiterSports and CFO and massage it to sculpt it into something easier to consume.  We will go deeper in to many, many more subjects; but keep in mind we're working together.  Have a good look at the ArbiterSports website, and we look forward to seeing you in the member's Locker Room soon.

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    1. Ryan Dickson

      This is an exciting development! Do you anticipate any future benefits for mentorref members relating to arbitersports? Maybe a discounted package deal or something?

      • Yes, we hope to form a partnership where you can join MentorRef Members Locker Room and ArbiterSports together that would be less than the two purchases separately. I’m not certain it will be in place for this coming June’s ArbiterSports release or not but certainly in the future. Thanks for asking….

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