Stars and Stripes Photos and Game Video

After two and a half weeks, the photos taken at the Stars and Stripes Academy along with all 12 game videos will be released tonight and available for download. The game video was shot in such high definition that compressing the video was labor intensive. The officials that worked the games received game reviews from their Mentors at the Academy for the first two games, and their third and final game will be evaluated by Stars and Stripes staff with evaluations sent to them in the next few weeks. There were many educational handouts used at the Academy and those will be sent to the officials who participated in the Academy by way of a link sent to them in a mass email.

We are making plans for next year's Stars and Stripes Academy. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration including the team's availability, field availability, hotel availability, and as many learned this year, weather considerations. This was an especially hot July this year in Salt Lake City and we do not want to experience the Academy under those conditions again next year.  We are hoping to have next year's date announced by August 15th.

And finally, this past week I produced a promotional video for Vokkero by Adenuis for the wireless intercoms worn by the staff during the All-Star game at the Strs and Stripes Academy.  I think it's pretty cool and they are going to show it this week at the National Association of Sports Officials (NASO) in Portland, Oregon this coming weekend.  It will be posted on MentorRef tonight.  Well, that's it for now, be safe out there!

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